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Betty Swain…

…an 85-year-old country singer, rummaged through her cedar chest and discovered lyrics she had written nearly a half-century ago. A group of Raleigh, NC based musicians helped her realize a lifelong dream weeks before her death by performing the songs for her at a family picnic in 2011. In 2013 the Betty Swain Project traveled to The Parlor Studios on Nashville's Music Row where Lynn Anderson, Kim Parent, Siobahn Magnus, Loni Rose, Taylor Watson, and a cast of Nashville's finest carried Betty Swain's dream a step further in recording sessions that would lead to the summer-2013 release of the Betty Swain Project album.

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News & Press

Lynn Anderson Lends Voice to Nearly Lost 'Betty Swain Project'

What spoke to Anderson about Swain's story? She said the ingredient that anyone trying to make it in the music business – determination. Her family stuck with the project and made it work for her while she was alive, and then they kept after it and wanted to make it work for her daughter.


Today's Country Magazine reviews the Betty Swain Project

Sometimes in life you come across something that is truly remarkable. It will catch you off guard and have you talking about it for a long time to come. Well, that's exactly what happened with a new record out of Nashville called, "Betty Swain Project."

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Reviewed by Digital Rodeo!

Betty Swain was a dedicated weekend singer/performer in her earlier years opening for various artists. Throughout her part-time career, she always wanted but never got the opportunity to perform her own music. In 2010, when Betty was 85 years young, she discovered hidden deep in a cedar chest, 10 song lyrics she had written nearly a half a century before. Betty sent her lyrics to her niece Diane, a music attorney in New York and from there, Diane sent them to a guitarist she knew in Raleigh, North Carolina. From there they made their way to Jim Paul, a cowboy singer and songwriter. Jim pulled the Betty Swain Project together and did a low budget demo CD for Betty and presented the project to her in front of her family and friends. She died just a few weeks later, with the last dream of her lifetime finally fulfilled.

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Lynn Anderson on Country Universe

A Conversation with Lynn Anderson

I think Betty’s music takes us back to an easier time – kind of a time of Patsy Cline and that basic country music. So I think it’s amazing. I think it’s incredible to be a part of the project. I think that occasionally if you get a chance it’s kind of a wake-up call that reminds you that people have been writing this music for a long time, and though this lady didn’t get recognized in her prime, it’s a wonderful thing that she was able to hear her music played and know that it would be recorded before she passed away.

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Music Row Reviews Sweet Memories

LYNN ANDERSON/Sweet Memories
Writers: Betty Swain/Jim Paul; Producers: Craig Brandwynne, Timothy Daher, Robin Ruddy; Publishers: Center Sound/Sure Babe, ASCAP; Center Sound -The back story is that Betty Swain was an 85-year-old, part-time North Carolina country performer in 2010 with a batch of lyrics she’d written years before. Her relatives got together and hired a group of local musicians to turn them into songs. She died not long after hearing the result. Two years later, a group of Nashville artists was assembled to make a professional CD of the songs for Betty’s cancer-stricken daughter. Legendary Lynn Anderson kicks it off with a lively reading of the late Swain’s live-for-today lyric and Jim Paul’s toe-tapping tune.

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